Advanced Petrophysics - Volume 2
Dispersion, Interfacial Phenomena / Wettability, Capillarity / Capillary Pressure,
Relative Permeability


A practical, fast-paced approach to teaching the concepts and problems common in petroleum engineering that will appeal to a wide range of disciplines.

Petrophysics is the study of rock properties and their interactions with fluids, including gases, liquid hydrocarbons, and aqueous solutions. This three-volume series from distinguished University of Texas professor Dr. Ekwere J. Peters provides a basic understanding of the physical properties of permeable geologic rocks and the interactions of the various fluids with their interstitial surfaces, with special focus on the transport properties of rocks for single phase and multiphase flow. Based on Dr. Peters’s highly acclaimed graduate course taught at the University of Texas at Austin and in petroleum industry training programs, the series covers core topics and includes full-color CT and NMR images, graphs, and figures to illustrate practical application of the material.

Topics addressed in Volume 2 (chapters 5-8) include

Advanced Petrophysics features over 140 exercises designed to strengthen learning and extend concepts into practice. Additional information in the appendices covers dimensional analysis and a series of real-world projects that enable the student to apply the principles presented in the text to build a petrophysical model using well logs and core data from a major petroleum-producing province.

Click here to download the Mercury Injection Data, Digital Well Logs, Core Data and Static Pressure Data to complete the exercises and projects in Chapters 7, 8 and Appendix B.

Advanced Petrophysics

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